LED Lighting


Metro Electronics hosts a wide variety of standard and specialized LEDs. Mainly we find that there is a reason and purpose for each type. We carry nearly every type on the market today. We stock LEDs manufactured from 1969 to the latest organic designs just released. Make no mistake, we are serious when it comes to LEDs. Stop by our showroom for a demonstration. We can custom manufacture any length rope lights that you need. We have other products custom manufactured for us in China to our specs and testing to bring you the highest quality at the lowest cost available. We can design and custom manufacture the needed driver circuits and do all the engineering for you so you can rest assured you have the right product, power supply and controller for your application. We stock optional dimmers, controllers, remote controls and all sizes of power supplies, wire and cable. Please visit our photo galleries below with come recent custom fabrications. Thank you for looking.

LED kit's for builders and do it yourself.




Ask us about our new custom water proof process for under water LEDs!

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