Metro Electronics opened in 1986, One of the first to build custom computer systems in Pinellas county. Back then the question was "What kind of monitor do you prefer Green or Amber screen? Since CGA color was not born.


We did professional on-site installs and repair service for Commercial, Maritime Marine, Ham radio, Local and county government. We have a complete tech service center that stocks thousands of parts and components for servicing all makes and models of equipment. Ranging from Consumer, Industrial, Commercial, Military, Marine, Oem and others. We strive to keep up with new technology, but can repair that Vintage tube type equipment as well.


We can Design and Develop your projects and bring them to life and then to market. A full R&D lab with yearly calibrated test equipment assures products will meet stringent UL and FCC type acceptance. In the early 90's we manufactured Battery Back up systems ranging from 200 watts to 2KVA and we service up to 6KVA models today. We have manufactured custom circuit boards for the military, Designed electronic touch gaming machines, Industrial CNC equipment and Medical products. We can design and develop circuit boards create rapid testers for mass production while maintaining quality control. Come on America, lets build Something here in the good old USA!!!

LED kit's for builders and do it yourself.




Ask us about our new custom water proof process for under water LEDs!

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